Things Every PC Gaming Enthusiast Should Have

If you are one of those PC gaming enthusiast, you would know how important it is to have the perfect gaming necessities! Gaming wouldn’t be complete unless you have the right accessories beside you. Just having bright, cool-looking gaming set-up isn’t helpful but having the right gaming setup definitely matters.

You can easily find high quality gaming computer or the best gaming monitor in every gaming enthusiast out there. In the article below, we listed some valuable things that gamers definitely can’t live without.


Computer Monitor with High Refresh Rate

This means old school CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes) and LCD screen are out. Gamers will want a screen that has ultra fast refresh rate so that they can enjoy playing high-frame rate first person games without interruptions. In other more accelerated computer games such as Overwatch, visual experience is a must to defeat enemies properly and a monitor that has a 144Hz refresh rate is the best choice.


Efficient Gaming Headset

A perfect gaming setup for an immersive experience wouldn’t be completed without an awesome gaming headset. Even if you’re not coordinating with your team through voice chat, this is necessary to your overall gaming experience. Music rates are high in the gaming community with the help of award-winning brands in the industry, and you better expect to spend hundreds of box for the best gaming headset or fifty box for a decent one. If you’re having difficulties choosing what or where to buy, be sure to check Razer and SteelSeries – they have quite the popularity in producing top-notch gaming headsets.



Auxiliary Necessities – Phones and Tablets

Let’s face it, we all tried cheat codes when playing games, and it was quite a hassle – having to Alt + Tab or pause a game just to search for cheats. And most of the time when this happens, we always end up forgetting it, do our best and stress out.

Why do we have to stress our self when we can simply use our tablets or smartphones to search? They are within your arm’s reach and they are a must if ever there are unexpected things that can happen ie, your boss called you to work tonight.

Furthermore, since we have social media today, you can also check your favorite Youtuber or Streamer if you want to see how they play and want to learn new gaming tricks. You can even read some tips of hacking through Skyrim siege, imagine the vast possibilities.


Mini Fridge and Snacks

Finally, this may sound funny but gamers really need snacks and a mini-fridge next to them. Imagine when you’re playing Overwatch (the game cannot be paused) and you get hungry or thirsty in the middle of playing, you will most likely have to wait for around 20 minutes when the game ends. Now, nobody has the time to run and jump downstairs to get a drink right? You will likely be penalized for AFK (away from keyboard) causing you to lose exp, points and even lose the whole round.

Ask any gamer out there, and they’ll tell you that they already skipped breakfast or dinner to continue boosting their hero or fighting in a dungeon.